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By filling in and submitting this form to the main office, the student agrees to comply with school parking regulations listed below in return for the privilege of driving and parking on the school property. Failure to follow regulations as specified will result in suspension of parking privileges and/or towing of the vehicle at owner expense. 

1.    Students may only park in designated areas in general stalls, upper Goudy lot, lower Goudy lot, Langford Parkway overflow (gravel).
2.   Cars parking in any other areas will be towed at owner expense.
3.    Excessive speed or other unsafe driving practices, loud music, loitering around vehicle and parking in Staff, Visitor, Day Care, VIHA spots, loading/drop off zones, and Bus zone will result in suspension of parking along with other disciplinary action.
4.    Student Vehicles must display student parking pass or be subject to towing.

Please make sure a form is submitted for every vehicle brought to school.